Red Beau was founded on a farm in rural Lancashire by me, Danielle, a mother of 2 with a degree in design and a passion for parties. 

I wanted to create an easy party that was all prettily packaged in one box so that parents didn't have to be constantly thinking about things they may or may not need, spending a fortune getting their party ware from here and there, and panicking that they had forgotten something important on the day.

Red Beau have done the hard work for you. I have used my years of party planning experience to design a party kit that not only contains the personalised invitations, decorations and activities, but it also provides all of the information you could possibly need for a successful party - even down to making sure you have enough milk to serve tea and coffee to the parents that stay.

All of the craft activities have been well thought out to provide maximum creative fun with minimum mess.

We have thought of everything for you, so sit back and enjoy a wonderful party.

Danielle x