You might want to read this first!.....

Well, the biggest difference between a planned out party, and ‘winging it’, is STRESS!
Most people are undoubtedly too busy to plan out a birthday party, which is no great surprise! Life as a parent is full of work (whether you go out to work, or are a busy, stay at home parent). But the good news, is that there are loads of other solutions to prevent you tearing your hair out.
I have learn’t the hard way, that ‘winging it’ really isn’t a great option, as kids will soon get the better of you, and it will be bedlam. Kids will often start to find another way to entertain themselves, and there’s a good chance that will involve being somewhere they shouldn’t, or climbing something they shouldn’t. The worst part, is when you’re running around like a headless chicken, because the food is taking a lot longer then expected, but you’re having to wrangle children at the same time.
Having something for the children to do as they arrive, and activities, or some kind of entertainment at each stage of the party, really will save your sanity! It also pays to have the decorations planned out and helpers if you have any. Decorating ready for a party, can take a lot longer then you think if you haven’t thought about it before hand.
So what options do you have?
Well, bouncy castles and inflatables are a great option as they provide something for the children to do as soon as they arrive, and they fill up a lot of the room.
It’s a good idea to have other party games, crafts, or a disco to go along with a bouncy castle, as children may start to wander if it is a 2 hour party.
A children’s entertainer is also another good option, although, they are often quite expensive. An entertainer will take control of the children for the whole party, so your only job would be to decorate, provide food and party bags.
A ready made party, would be somewhere like Build a bear, an open farm, soft play or cake decorating company. These are fab, as you don’t need to decorate the venue, or provide the food. They often give an option of party bags for an additional fee. The downside to this kind of party, is that you can often only invite a limited number, and the price is per head. This is often expensive, because they are doing everything for you. You will often be sharing the venue with a whole load of other kids that are just there for the day, too.
There is another option, and that is a creative party in a box from Red Beau. The box arrives in the post, and contains all of the decorations, craft activities and games along with a step by step organised plan for the party. Designed to give maximum fun, with minimum mess, and as an extra bonus, the crafts can be taken away in the party bags, and even the invitations are included.
There are also party boxes that have the decorations and plan without the crafts, to go with a children’s entertainer or bouncy castle etc.
So the advice is, no matter what kind of party you go for, plan it, don’t wing it or you will most likely need a bottle of Gin by the end of the day!
I hope this helped, if you would like to read other useful party advice, please like our page, or check out our back catalogue on the Red Beau website.
Danielle x