• Wedding activity box

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    Weddings are a special time for everybody, but they can be lengthy for little ones so there can be times when they would benefit from activities to occupy them.

    With this wedding entertainment box, our aim is to make the children feel special and to stop them from getting bored whilst also feeling like they are creating something special for the bride and groom.

    A great time to give them this extra surprise would be during the wedding meal or at the start of the reception.

    The beautifully packaged box contains a large 4ft square doodle sheet that can be used as a table cover or on the floor, it can also be folded to a smaller size if space is the issue. On the doodle sheet there is plenty of space to draw, there are games to play and a race track.

    The box also contains 10 x Lego style car sets to build and race.

    A lovely, large wooden box is also in the parcel to turn in to a memory box for the bride and groom. The children will decorate it with various craft items included and go on a scavenger hunt to add other special items from the room, to the box.

    12 x superwashable felt tip pens (we don't want anybody to ruin their special outfit)

    10 x A5 scratch paper sheets and scratch tools. Scratch anything you want in to the black top layer to reveal beautiful rainbow colours beneath.

    10 x magic bubbles (great because they don't drip when smaller children hold them)

    10 x activity books, full of puzzles and colouring in pages.

    Lots to entertain the kiddies, a bit of peace for the parents, it's a win + win!

    If you have a particular theme you would like Red Beau to work with, then just drop us a message on the contact page and we'll be happy to work it out x